Oral Presentations guidelines

In order to ensure that your presentation runs smoothly, please take time to read these guidelines ahead of time to ensure your presentation is successful.

Zoom Link

You will be provided with zoom link to enter the oral presentation session by email D-2.

Time Allocation
You will be provided with 8 minutes time presentation during session, and 7 minutes interaction with the judges. The oral presentation has 2 session will start on 12 September 2020 at 3:00 PM and on 19 September 2020 at 12.30 PM (jakarta, Indonesia time). You need to be present 30 minutes before your session starts.

The Chair will time your presentation and provide you with a warning at 2 minutes remaining and when time is up.

It is strongly recommended that you rehearse your presentation with slides in advance to ensure your presentation fits within the allocated time.

Declaration of Interest

All financial support for the work and collaboration must be acknowledged as part of the presentation

Please note that the official Conference language is English. All presentations must be made in English.

Powerpoint Template
We have provided a Nutri 2020 template that can be download here

Thank you for your help in making this conference a success. For further details or assistance, please contact the committee