Welcome to the 15th Symposium on Nutri Indonesia in conjunction with 7th International Nutrition Symposium (NUTRI Virtual Symposium 2020) 

For 14 years, Nutri Symposium has been evolve toward the global change. Our main topics each year represent the condition and problem as appears in current situation in the world. We has sought to associate and affiliate for all more than 200 Health Care Providers (HCP) who are engaged in the knowledge of Nutrition.


This year, Nutri 2020 will focus on Evidence Base Nutrition. Evidence-based practice is an integrative approach to health care during Pandemic Covid 19. It combines clinical expertise, the best scientific evidence available, and a patients' values to make clinical decisions about individual patient care. The main theme of this year :

Nutrition Battling on Pandemic Covid 19 : How To Survives


We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to the organizing committee members for their invaluable support in making NUTRI 2020 a great success.

Dr. dr. Luciana B. Sutanto, MS, SpGK

Chair of Nutri 2020

President Indonesian Nutrition Association